Upgrade the The Calf Caddy with the ease of mobility


The Calf Caddy

The Calf Caddy SKID

The Titan West Calf Caddy Skid is designed to use with The Calf Caddy as a one man way to move a cow/calf pair. The Calf Caddy Skid mounts to the Calf Caddy and may be pulled by horse, pickup, 4-wheeler, tractor or by hand. Using the Calf Caddy Skid is smoothest way to transport calves. It’s very stable even on rough ground, even glides across corn rows and it doesn’t bounce when hitting frozen objects, like a wheel would. With all rounded corners help the skid glide smoothly around and over obstacles, like corner posts or clumps of hay. Use a chain or lariat to pull the skid around with ease.


  • Upgrades The Calf Caddy
  • Smooth Transport Over Rough Terrain

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Titan West offers a full line of livestock equipment (includes bison, horse & cattle). Proudly designed and manufactured in Linn, Kansas since 1971.

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