Portable Tub Single Alley

Go from working cattle to the road in minutes


10’ Crowd Tub


16-Gauge High-Tensile Square Tubing


Removable Hitch
Entire Alley Folds to 6′ Wide


Flexibility to put Your Working Chute
or Loading Chute in Front.

Portable Tub Single alley

The Titan West Portable Tub Single Alley system uses a full 10’ crowd tub that folds to a legal road width. With up to 20’ of alleyway, the Portable Tub allows you the flexibility to put your working chute or loading chute in front. The Portable Tub is fully customizable; Option one is to have 10’ of alleyway and the Titan West Combo Chute in front of the alley or option two is a loading chute in the front of the alley. Both systems come with Titan West’s E-Z Adjustable Alley, allowing the alley to be adjusted with 15″ to 30″ with ease. The Titan West”Folding No-Back” is placed at the back of the alley. Two hand-operated winches allow you to go from working cattle to road ready in minutes.



  • Completely Portable
  • Folding No-Back 
  • High-Tensile Square Tubing
  • Adjustable Alleyway
  • Alleyway In Front or Back
  • Works with Working Chute or Loading Chute


Standard Features

10’ Crowding Area

Self-Contained and completely reversible. Heavy-Duty crowd gate mounted on 4 1/2 pivot post crowd gate fitted with friction-type, no-return latch.

Adjustable Alleyway

Adjusts anywhere from 15” to 30” with ease.


Attach to your truck with a removeable tow hitch and the entire system folds to a legal road width.

Features Cont’d

Strong Modular Construction

Manufactured from high-strength steel tubing.

Two Hand-Operation

Two hand winches allow you to go from working cattle to road ready in minutes.

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