Continous Fence

One of the strongest livestock fences on the market today


20′ Long


Heavy-Duty Steel Tubing


Hardware & Connectors 


4,5,6,7 or 8 Bars Available


Feel secure with Titan West’s Continuous Fence. Their Continuous Fence secures your cattle or other livestock with one of the strongest livestock fences on the market today. Titan West’s Continuous Fence is constructed of high-tensile square and round tubing. Durability comes from six vertical tubes spaced every 4’ on each 20’ panel. Perfect for Arenas, Rodeos, Riding pens, Feedlot Fencing, Crowding Alleys.  Can be used for holding enven the largest breeds, Cattle, Horses, Bison. For smaller breeeds Titan West’s Continuous Fence comes in a wide range of bar configuratiuons to hold smaller aminilas such Sheep, Hogs or Exotic animals.



  • Steel Tubing
  • 20′ Long Custom Sizes Available
  • 4,5,6,7 or 8 Bars Available
  • Perfect for Most Livestock Pens
  • Available in Red, Klewein Brown or White
  • Includes Hardware


Standard Features

Can be used for

Perfect for arenas, rodeos, riding pens, team penning, round pens, stall runs, feedlot fencing, crowding alleys or decorative yard fencing.  Can be used for holding, cattle, horses, bison, sheep, hogs or exotic animals.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Made from steel 1″ square or 1 1/4″ square or 1 1/2″ square depending on horizontal bar configuration. Available in 4,5,6,7 or 8 Bars. Custom lengths available. 

Features Cont’d

Available in 3 Colors

Available in 3 Colors: red, klewein brown or white or un-painted


Connectors : Straight, 90 degrees, special degree connectors, and clips. End Caps upon request.

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Titan West offers a full line of livestock equipment (includes bison, horse & cattle). Proudly designed and manufactured in Linn, Kansas since 1971.

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