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We supply Idaho and the entire Pacific Northwest with the best livestock managing equipment available. The top brands such as WW Manufacturing and Titan West. Our brands make it easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation and designs. Wether its cattle squeeze chutes to portable corrals, to cattle chute systems, 5CR has the solution for your livestock handling needs.

Proudly Made in the Good Ole’ USA

The Best Brands

5CR has a huge lot full full of the top brands in livestock handling equipment. Let our friendly knowledgeble staff find the right Titan West or WW Manufacturing porduct that’s right for your needs. Whether you need a cattle chute, feeder, of any other livestock handleling equipment, one of staff is ready to serve you.

Why Choose
Titan West

The Titan West team has spent years designing each system for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to allow you the time to take care of your livestock with ease and assurance.  We strive to exceed customer expectations for durability, safety and ease of maintenance. Our commitment to building the best livestock handling equipment is not just some quote on the wall. We work at it day in and day out. We believe in constant improvement. We adopted a lean manufacturing process that focuses not only process improvement but the development of products that last.

Made in USA

Our brands are made here, Titan West is proudly designed and manufactured in Linn, KS since 1971 and WW Manufacturing has been building premium products in Thomas OK. 

We are a Premier Dealership

Being a authorized dealer for Titan West and WW Mfg our customer support means better opportunities for you because we have searched and found the best brands to partner with.

Customer Service

Our Titan West team is trained in the design and use of all of our cattle handling equipment.  They are here to make your livestock handling easier, safer and more efficient.

Dealers Near You

Over 145 Titan West Dealers are ready to provide you the best equipment, hands-down.

American made:
Designed, manufactured in the good ole’ USA

We Believe
in Quality

Titan West’s Superior Quality has achieved a reputation for the production of very high quality livestock handeling equipment throught tthe USA and Canada. This has been achieved by a commitment of manufacturing in-house using only high-quality raw materials, proven manufacturing techniques and advanced quality control and quality assurance procedures.

About Us

Titan West offers a full line of livestock equipment (includes bison, horse & cattle). Proudly designed and manufactured in Linn, Kansas since 1971.

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